Paphos Land of White Sandy Exotic Beaches

Exotic beaches….pure white sand….crystalline waters…Paphos. A lavish city that’s located in the southwest region of Cyprus, lying placidly on the Mediterranean coast. Although the cities in Cyprus are numerous, none can quite compare to the jewel that is Paphos, and with the holidays rapidly approaching, what better place to go? Having trouble finding a travel site that offers quality accommodations that doesn’t send your wallet screaming in the other direction? No worries; Thomas Cook will take care of all of your traveling needs!

This gem of a town is well-known among travelers as a popular holiday destination, be it an exotic Christmas getaway or simply a summertime trip with family and friends. For the ‘history buff’ travelers, Paphos is rumored to be the birthplace of Aphrodite with ancient ruins and archaeological sites scattered all throughout the south, while the more energetic traveler will enjoy the hustle and bustle of the more modern north. Regardless of your preference, Thomas Cook will undoubtedly have everything to fit your needs!

In terms of accommodations, Paphos has all-inclusive options starting at £450 per person. All-inclusive accommodations are the perfect solution for those who prefer not to deal with the stress of planning out their stay. Thomas Cook will handle all of the details! Whether you have a taste for all-day entertainment with the family, or a day full of sports with friends, Paphos’ all-inclusive options can cater to all your needs.

Thinking about leaving the little ones at home and getting away with that special someone? Or perhaps a tropical getaway with the girls? Paphos also has ‘Adult Only’ accommodations for those who want to take a much-needed break from the kids, or who simply want to get away with friends. Whether you want to enjoy the services of a lavish state-of-the-art spa (because who doesn’t enjoy being pampered?) or you prefer to enjoy a luxurious hotel with an amazing pool, Paphos has the perfect hotels, specifically designed with adults in mind-your choices are endless!

Now, if you’re looking to pack up the kids and get away on a family adventure, Paphos can meet your needs as well! Starting at £320 per person, Paphos has everything that you will need to create lifetime memories for you and those you love the most. Whether the kids want to play and frolic in their very own pool, or get out on their own and hang out with other children at the kids’ club, there is an amazing selection of hotels specifically designed for family getaways.

Historical and family attractions, such as the Paphos Castle and Aphrodite Water, a natural beauty that is unmatched, and weather that is amazingly tropical year round-Paphos is the perfect choice for any holiday getaway. Christmas, summer fun, or simply a ‘time-get-to-get-away’- no matter the reason, Paphos is a destination that everyone should add to their bucket list! Book your trip today!

Enjoy the World by Staying in the Most Luxurious Hotel in Singapore

People who have finished their study at the university might want some enlightenment before they are going to deal with some certain works in the future. Whether they are Indonesian or else, the most common country to be visited is Singapore. Singapore is the cheapest and the closest country to be reached because as Indonesian people, visiting Singapore can only be reached in an hour. For Indonesian people, spending their holidays in Singapore is not a luxurious thing as they can go there by their own money without being afraid of breaking their banks.

The Most Luxurious Hotel in Singapore

Finding the most luxurious hotel in Singapore are quite easy because you will find their offerings that will provide everything and anything you might need. There are two best hotels you can visit and stay there. The packages offered by the hotels are the pads to the boutique beauties with innovative and hospitality designs and concept. They are some hotels which are created in a simpler way but they are officially five stars hotels. In contrast, there are also some other hotels which seem luxurious, elegant and also expensive. They show off their facilities into the public so that they know the facilities of the hotel before they reserved the hotel and stay there.


Capella Hotel Singapore is considered as the most luxurious hotel in Singapore. This Capella Hotel is located in Sentosa Island. It was used dedicated only for foreign tourists, but these days all of the people can stay in this hotel. This hotel is surrounded by approximately 30 acres of the forest. This grassy hill is an idea that brings the self-style of grande dame property. It is a great success that is reflected from the fine design work. This design work combines the heritage components in sleek new builds. The rate of staying in this hotel is approximately US$460 per night.

Another consideration of the most luxurious hotel in Singapore is the Fullerton Bay Hotel. Heritage and the ancient style are not needed here because the beautiful scenery will give you nothing to complain. They are all enough to be compared with the heritage things and else. All of the rooms provided and the suites will provide a balcony or the sun deck in order to enable all of the guests to enjoy the scenery. The rate of this five stars hotel in a night is about US$443 but the facilities you will get is unbelievable.

Travel Insurance is a Good Friend for Your Holiday Trip

Having a holiday or doing a trip for vacation is something fun and enjoyable to do for all of us. Having a holiday after toiling hard for months or for a year is everybody’s dream of. They want to have some days off or some weeks off to enjoy themselves by doing a trip or vacation in places they have dreamed of. However, having a trip or vacation sometimes gives you problems from delayed flights, lost baggage or hospital bills. To help you overcome those kinds of problems, you had better have yourself travel insurance. Travel insurance covers any kinds of unexpected circumstances that might occur in your holiday trip. You must know that there are a lot of benefits of travel insurance.


The Benefits of Travel Insurance
To have travel insurance for you who travel a lot during holiday is necessary. Travel insurance will cover unforeseen situations might happen on your holiday trip so will surely not losing lots of your money. When you decide on having a holiday trip, you must prepare everything well. Not only prepare for the good things but also for the worst because anything can go wrong when you go abroad. For you to know there are lots of benefits of travel insurance you can get. By covering yourself with travel insurance you will not have to spend much money to get things right.
Furthermore, here are the benefits of travel insurance:

  • If something happen with your health or you get injured that requires you to be treated in a hospital, travel insurance will cover your emergency medical expenses.
  • Travel insurance also covers cancellations of your trip. You are forced to cancel your trip abroad before departing or maybe you have to cut off your trip due to emergency situations, the travel insurance policy can cover it.
  • It covers your belongings of your trip. The policy of travel insurance can protect you from any accidental loss, the damage or theft of any of your belongings such as baggage, money, and personal possessions.
  • Travel insurance policies provide you 24hour service of help that advice and support you to assist you in dealing with emergency circumstances wherever you are.

Nonetheless, as it is necessary to have travel insurance for you travelers, you also need to read the policies of the insurance very carefully. It is important to know whether the cover you need is included in the insurance policies or not.

Jamaica Excursions

Jamaica is my favorite island to visit in the Caribbean. I usually stay at all-inclusive resorts, so I never have to leave the resort during my stay if I choose not to, but usually I go on one or two excursions each time I visit.  There are some great excursion companies out there. The one I prefer is Island Routes.  They are very reputable and I have never had a bad excursion or felt unsafe when I was with them.

One of the best excursions I ever went on was the zip line.  It has been a couple of years since I went on this excursion, and I have heard from others that it has changed some. When I went you had to climb a steep hill, then you zip lined from the first platform to a second platform.  Then from the second platform to the third and final platform which returned you close to where you began your climb.  It took us over the dense tropical vegetation and over a waterfall. I thought it was a lot of fun, and something I had never done before.

Another excursion I loved was a river tube ride.  We were guided to the water’s edge and helped into our tubes and life vests. The water was slow moving where we got in, but at times we were in faster moving water. It was a relaxing ride and we got to see some of the unspoiled tropical landscape of Jamaica.  There were three couples in our tubing group, but we did not know the other couples. Thankfully, they were a fun loving bunch and our time tubing went way too fast. I could have stayed on the tube for another hour.

The Dunn’s River Falls excursion was also worth the money.  We were taken to the area in a van.  When we arrived, we were offered the chance to rent water shoes if we did not have them, but luckily I had worn my own. We climbed the falls, and midway up the falls there was a spot where they take souvenir pictures.  It was one of our favorite pictures from vacation. Dunn’s River Falls was a little more crowded than I prefer, but we still enjoyed the scenery.

And one last excursion I loved in Jamaica was the Catamaran cruise, or as we referred to it as a booze cruise.  The Catamaran picked us up at the dock at our resort, and took us to Margaritaville.  We had a brief stop at Margaritaville, then back on the boat to return to our resort.  The alcohol was flowing, music was playing, and people were dancing. It was a great time.  The catamaran also gives you an opportunity to see the island from off shore for a different perspective.

On my next visit, I hope to do the Bamboo River Rafting excursion and the tour of the Appleton Estate where they make that delicious Jamaican rum.  Other popular excursions are dolphin encounters, safaris and zip line/bobsled combination trips.

St. Louis for family vacation

My family and I get a real kick out of our visits to St. Louis.  It is a very family friendly town. There are a lot of things for families to see or do without spending a large sum of money. One of the best buys in St. Louis is its zoo. It is a great zoo, and best of all admission is free.  Parking is kind of costly at $15 per car, but if you are a family of four that is like only paying $3.75 per person to get in.  That is a lot less than we pay to go to the movies.  There are something inside the zoo that are optional that can cost a little extra like the Children’s Zoo area, the train and the carousel.

st louis
If we are going to St. Louis during baseball season, we always try to catch a game.  We are not even big St. Louis Cardinals fans, but it is such a joyous atmosphere in Busch Stadium that I have found it impossible to NOT have good time, even when temperatures have risen above 90 degrees.  Okay, this is not an outing that isn’t going to cost you…drinks and snacks are fairly pricey inside the stadium, but it is all about the all-American experience of a major league baseball game.  Best part of this stadium compared to other major sporting arenas I have been in is the number of female bathrooms. I never wait in line.

The Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour is another great free tour. Kids may not be that fascinated with the beer making process, but they love the Clydesdale horses that Anheuser-Busch has used as a marketing tool for years.  Another great attraction that is free thanks to Anheuser-Busch is Grant’s Farm.  It is an estate owned by the Busch family and a portion of the property was formerly owned and farmed by Ulysses S. Grant, hence the name.  It is home to over 900 animals. There are several different animal experiences you can have at Grant’s Farm.

Our kids were also easily entertained at The Magic House- Children’s Museum. It is a very hands on interactive museum for children.  The kids get to play with also sorts of exhibits. It costs about $10 per person, but it will wear the kids out if you spend several hours there, which is very easy to do. One of the sweetest things at The Magic House I like to do is pre order lunch from the picnic shop.

And let’s face it, no trip to St. Louis would be complete without a trip up to the world famous Gateway Arch. It is the symbol of St. Louis and kids marvel at how far they can see from the top.  The trip up to the top is an interesting experience too.  I felt like I was being seated inside the egg Mork arrived to Earth in from the television show Mork and Mindy. It slowly goes up and slowly adjusts sideways so that you always remain upright.

Traveling with kids

I know that I am lucky in the way of travel. I have seen more of the world than many have.  When I had children, I set a goal for my children to see every state in the United States by the time they graduated from college.  I was from a small town, as was my husband. We had many friends who had never been more than one state away from home.  I did not want my children to think that the town of 3,000 that was the hub of our county as the center of their world. I wanted them to know there is so much more out there. And how can your children dream of a bigger world than they live in if they are not exposed to a larger world?  My husband was not much of a traveler when we first married, but as time went on over the years and I dragged him on many vacations, I turned my non-traveling husband into a world globetrotter. He was lucky enough to land a job where he got to see many places in the world at the expense of his company, places I still haven’t been to.

Our children are now nearly grown, and we have not reached our goal.  Life sometimes gets in the way. We managed to see twenty-eight states, but we had a couple of repeat trips that slowed our progress down. When our kids were elementary school aged, we took them to Disney World, and then two years later, we again took them to Disney World.  One year we made plans for an extensive road trip through the Northeast, but at the last minute we changed our minds and went to, surprise, surprise, Disney World. So maybe Disney is to blame for our cross country travel failure.

I am thankful that my children have got to see and experience so much within our own country.  Our oldest loved San Diego, California the most.  He loves history, and touring the USS Midway is his favorite tour he has ever done. He loves to travel, but not really to see the landscape; he loves to see relics from the past.  Now as an adult, his bucket list for travel destinations includes seeing Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and Normandy, France.  Our youngest child loved the beaches of California, but more than anything loves to experience thrill-seeking type activities on vacation.  It is funny because their traveling styles are very opposite, one likes to fly, one likes to drive. One likes quiet museums, and the other would rather be on a roller coaster.  But they have a give and take relationship when they travel, willing to do the things that the other likes and I am very thankful for that.

I urge you to take your children to as many places as you can. Teach them that not every place looks like Hometown, U.S.A.  Encourage them to explore the world, they may not love it, but they will have a better understanding of the world they live in.

Phoenix has some great restaurants

Phoenix has some great restaurants, and it has some great views but I love it when I can experience the two at the same time. The Phoenix area has some successful attempts at combining these two elements- great restaurants with outdoor dining that allow you to have a wonderful meal in a beautiful atmosphere.  Here are my top five restaurants in the Phoenix area that have great views.  I love dining al fresco so that helped move some of the restaurants up the list, some of them also offer indoor dining with great views if you are visiting the area during weather that is too hot or too cold to enjoy the outdoors.

1.  elements at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa- I found this restaurant to not only have delicious food, but a spectacular view of the sunset from the patio. Really every seat in the restaurant has a nice view, so dine inside or outside and still enjoy the full experience. I have enjoyed the Filet Mignon at elements and on another visit devoured the Pork Belly.  If you have room for dessert, the PB Bomb is the heavenly.

2. Kai at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort- I will warn you that this is not an inexpensive restaurant, and you will need reservations to get a table.  The food is a little differently seasoned than other restaurants, as it is appropriately influenced by the local Native American cuisine. This is another restaurant that offers breathtaking sunsets.  Not the kind of place to take children, and I wished the table next to us had realized that, but I don’t hold that against the restaurant.

3. Sassi- I felt like I was arriving at a true Southwest location. The building itself is beautiful with a wonderful courtyard and fountain.  The restaurant is a bit like an Italian villa on the inside, with tables and chairs that look like Italian antiques.  The food is Italian, and I enjoyed the Filetto Di Manzo and Pear Brown Butter Cake.  My favorite spot in the restaurant is the bar patio.

4. Lon’s at the Hermossa – The setting was sweet, a patio with a fireplace, a large fountain, and the mountains in the distance. For me, this restaurant made the list because of the ambience it created. The service was okay, nothing horrible, nothing spectacular. The food was above average, but if I returned, I would try a different dish. This go around, I had the Pan Roasted Halibut.

5. Orange Sky at Talking Stick Resort- For the best views make reservations for a West facing table.  Again, this is another restaurant that offers great sunset views.  It is not open for lunch, so you can’t enjoy the views during the day.  This is a more modern setting than most of the other restaurants on the list.  It also seemed to have a bit of a younger clientele than the others. The food was enjoyable. I had a steak that was very tender and the cocktails were perfect.

Holiday in Panama

Panama has been on my bucket list of travel destinations since I was a child.  My father was briefly stationed in Panama by the U.S. Army in the late 1960’s.  He told many stories about how beautiful it was and how he hoped to go back one day and see it.  I had the chance to accompany him to Panama this year, and gave us both memories to last a lifetime.

Panama City is beautiful, but we stayed in Playa Bonita which is part of the Panama Riviera. It was about a 50 minute drive from the city to Playa Bonita, and we stayed at the Westin Playa Bonita.  It is a magnificent setting. The Westin is a large resort with three pools, and never lacking in things to do or see.  It was far enough away from Panama City that we felt that we were in a tropical paradise, but close enough to the city that we could easily get there to see the sites.

Rehabilitation of the old buildings going on and it is great to see so much new life pumped into an old part of any city.  We enjoyed walking around, visiting galleries, several old churches, listening to street musicians and drinking lots of strong coffee. In Panama City we also walked along the Amador Causeway. It is a paved breakwater that is at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal.  It is lined with restaurants and cafes.  A worker at our hotel told us to find a restaurant along the Causeway to have dinner about 45 minutes before sunset. It was a great experience. By eating at that time, we were able to watch the Panama City slowly light up as the sky darkened. It was a great suggestion.  It is also a great place to watch ships pass by.

The biggest draw for most people to come to Panama is the Panama Canal.  One of the best places to learn about the Canal and see it in action is the Miraflores Locks.  At the Miraflores Locks there is a visitor’s center that has lots of exhibits about the construction and history of the canal. There is also a short film about the Canal.  Again, at the recommendation of a worker at our hotel, we ate a late lunch as the Miraflores Restaurant which is located on the second floor of the visitor center.  It has awesome views of the Canal and we could see how the canal worked while we ate our lunch.

One last surprise bonus we found out when we planned our trip to Panama was that as a tourist to Panama, if you have a medical emergency, Panama giver you free medical insurance for 30 days.  I don’t know of any other country that does that, and many people don’t realize that most medical policies do not cover you outside of the United States.

My dream destination is England

My dream destination is England.  I have never had the opportunity to travel there, but I have planned my trip several times, so when the opportunity arises, I will be able to grab it.  I know that my list of England must do’s is impossibly long, and the only way I will be able to visit all of the places I want to go is to hit the lottery and spend several months traveling through the country, but it is nice to have a dream or a goal.

Of course I want to take in all of the sights and sounds of London. Toward the top of my list is Buckingham Palace, watching the changing of the guards, Big Ben, the Tower of London, the National Gallery, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum….all of the standard tourist sights around London.  But most of the attraction of England for me is outside of London.

I am a Jane Austen addict, and I would want to spend a portion of my trip visiting the places she lived, worked and wrote about.  The first place on that list would be the town of Bath. It was a big part of two Jane Austen novels, “Northanger Abbey” and “Persuasion”.  It is a town that still has many of the buildings of Jane Austen’s era still standing and it is possible to even see the house she stayed in with her family when they lived in Bath for a few years. I even discovered that there is a phone app to guide visitors through Bath by Jane Austen’s letters and descriptions. I would also like to visit Chawton where Jane Austen lived while she wrote the novels “Mansfield Park”, “Persuasion” and “Emma”.  And finally I would want to visit Jane’s final resting place in Winchester Cathedral.  I have read about tours that take you to all of the famous historical houses used as locations in the recent BBC versions of Jane Austen’s novels. I would consider that money well spent.

I would like to visit Stonehenge, Portsmouth, Oxford University, Canterbury, Windsor Castle and the White Cliffs of Dover. I would like to visit Althorp, Princess Diana’s childhood home, and the place she is laid to rest. I read earlier this year that the display of her dresses is going to close during 2013, so I may have missed my chance to see it, but I hope not.  And even though I am an adult, I would like to take the Harry Potter Studio Tour. There is one thing I would like to do that others might consider odd.  I want to take the Channel Tunnel to France, not that I want to visit France, but I consider riding it under the English Channel as a must do on this trip. Some people may think taking a train to France to only turn around and come back to England crazy, but I would like to do it.  Hopefully, one day, all my dreams for unlimited travel in England will come true.

An exciting Adventure Trip in Daytona Beach

For anyone who is living in crammed places in the world, an adventure trip will be a fabulous way. Just imagine you do not need to worry about anything but bask under the sun and rest out in open air a couple days off. If given an opportunity, many people would choose to go to a location where they can have tranquil environment. But, additionally, there are those who desire for the greatest adrenaline rush like folks that visit Daytona Beach of Florida.

Regarded as one of the planet’s most popular beaches, the Daytona Beach is a host to huge numbers of people who are getting excited about an adventure trip of the lives. An extremely popular city in Volusia State in Florida, Daytona Beach is known as the most famous all year round resort area, and also houses a number of the high rolling Educational institutions in the country such as Bethune-Cook man College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Keiser College Daytona Beach Campus, and Daytona Beach Community College.

Daytona is mainly reputed for its fancy motorsports occasions, with Daytona Global Speedway and the classic Daytona Beach Road Course getting hosted a few high profile races over millennium right now. Daytona, if you want it to be referred to as precisely is a seasonal town, along with big groups of out-of-towners climbing down on the city, such as ducks flying south for the winter season, these people arrive for the numerous motorsports events, and another of the most significant is the Speed weeks at the beginning of February.

Daytona Beach can also be reputed for its high security measures around the major hotel areas; many are armed with many cameras for filming as well as beach locations. Daytona Beach is among the several places on earth in which a family car may be used on a seaside. The majority of driving beaches need 40-wheel drive or perhaps some other unique gear.